This region is known for its stunning natural beauty, with vast forests, sparkling lakes, and rushing rivers. Visitors can hike, cycle, or paddle through the countryside and take in the breathtaking scenery.
This picturesque town is located on the banks of the beautiful lake of Norasjön and is famous for its well-preserved wooden buildings and charming atmosphere. Visitors can explore the town's many shops, cafes, and museums, or take a relaxing boat trip on the lake.



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Geography and Tourist Attractions

Information about the province's tourist attractions, including popular destinations, events, and activities.

Tiveden National Park

Tiveden National Park is a natural gem in the heart of Sweden, known for its unique rock formations, ancient forests, and crystal-clear lakes. The park's rugged terrain offers a challenging yet rewarding hiking experience, with trails ranging from easy strolls to strenuous climbs. Visitors can also enjoy swimming, fishing, or simply relaxing amidst the breathtaking scenery.

Örebro Castle

Örebro Castle is a historic fortress located in the city of Örebro, Sweden. The castle dates back to the 14th century and has played an important role in Swedish history. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction, featuring a museum, art gallery, and restaurant. The castle's unique location on a small island in the middle of a river adds to its charm and allure.

Hjälmarens Strand National Park

Hjälmarens Strand National Park is a scenic park located on the shores of Hjälmaren Lake in Sweden. The park offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, fishing, and birdwatching. Visitors can explore the park's forests, wetlands, and beaches, and observe a variety of bird species, such as ospreys, eagles, and cranes.


Economy and Government

The economy of the Närke region in Sweden is diverse and includes a mix of industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and education. The largest city in Närke, Örebro, is a major economic hub, with several large companies headquartered there, including Volvo Construction Equipment and Närke Kulturbryggeri. The region also has a thriving small business sector, with many entrepreneurs and startups.

Närke is governed by the Örebro County Council, which is responsible for providing public services such as healthcare, education, and transportation. The council is composed of elected representatives who make decisions on behalf of the region's residents.

As part of Sweden, Närke follows a democratic system of government, with a constitutional monarchy headed by King Carl XVI Gustaf. The country has a well-developed social welfare system that provides citizens with access to healthcare, education, and other essential services.

Overall, the Närke region enjoys a stable and prosperous economy, with a high standard of living and a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The government works to maintain a balance between economic growth and social welfare, ensuring that the region's residents have access to the resources and services they need to thrive.


History and Culture

Närke is a historic province situated in the heart of Sweden. Its name derives from the Old Norse word "Njarðvík," which means "narrow bay," and refers to the narrowness of the waterway that flows through the region. The area has a rich cultural and historical heritage, dating back to the prehistoric era, and there are many fascinating landmarks and sites that bear witness to the region's past.

One of the most notable historical sites in Närke is the Örebro Castle, a medieval fortress that dates back to the 13th century. The castle played an important role in Swedish history and has been the site of many battles and political intrigues. Another important landmark is the Tiveden National Park, which covers an area of over 20 square kilometers and features rugged terrain, deep forests, and beautiful lakes. The park is home to many rare species of plants and animals, and it offers visitors the chance to experience the natural beauty of the region.

In terms of culture, Närke has a vibrant arts scene and is home to many museums, galleries, and theaters. The Örebro County Museum is one of the region's most important cultural institutions, and it showcases the history and traditions of the area through exhibitions and events. The region is also known for its traditional handicrafts, such as pottery and textiles, which are still produced by local artisans today. Overall, Närke is a fascinating region that offers a wealth of historical and cultural experiences for visitors to explore.


Elite Stora Hotellet Örebro

Located in the heart of Örebro, Elite Stora Hotellet Örebro is a historic hotel that dates back to the 1850s. The hotel features elegant rooms with modern amenities, a restaurant that serves delicious local cuisine, and a cozy bar that offers a wide selection of drinks.

Loka Brunn Hotel and Conference Center

Situated in the scenic countryside of Närke, Loka Brunn Hotel and Conference Center is a luxurious spa hotel that offers guests a peaceful and relaxing retreat. The hotel features comfortable rooms, a full-service spa, and a restaurant that serves healthy and delicious meals.

Grythyttans Gästgivaregård

Located in the charming village of Grythyttan, Grythyttans Gästgivaregård is a traditional Swedish inn that has been welcoming guests since the 1600s. The hotel features cozy rooms, a restaurant that specializes in local cuisine, and a wine cellar that houses an extensive collection of fine wines.



Matsvinn is a popular restaurant in Örebro that offers a unique dining experience focused on sustainability and reducing food waste. The menu features innovative dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients and surplus food from local grocery stores.


Sjökrogen is a cozy waterfront restaurant in the town of Hallsberg that serves delicious seafood dishes. The menu features a variety of fresh fish and shellfish, as well as traditional Swedish cuisine with a modern twist.


Stadsvakten is a charming restaurant located in a historic building in the heart of Örebro. The menu features classic Swedish dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients, as well as international cuisine with a Nordic twist. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of beers and wines to complement the food.
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